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Use Payload's APIs for a simple and secure way to send money to any person or account. To securely link an account for payouts you can use one of the activation options to take advantage of our built-in KYC. This can help validate the bank account and business or individual information to ensure sure you're sending the funds to the right place.

Great for:

Send a Payout

To send a payout or initiate a transfer to an account from a processing account, use the credit transaction type. This will initiate a debit from the processing account and credit or transfer the transaction amount to either the provided payment method or a customer's default payment method if the payment method is approved to receive credits.

You can initiate this payout with a POST request to with a payload:

curl "" \
    -u secret_key_3bW9JMZtPVDOfFNzwRdfE: \
    -d "type=credit" \
    -d "amount=100" \
    -d "processing_id=acct_3c0EVDZYsO4lVTVGwoX89" \
    -d "payment_method_id=pm_3bW9JMoQUQiZaEV8TgPUO"
credit = pl.Credit.create(
credit = Payload::Credit.create(
    amount: 100,
    processing_id: 'acct_3c0EVDZYsO4lVTVGwoX89',
    payment_method_id: 'pm_3bW9JMoQUQiZaEV8TgPUO'
$credit = Payload\Transaction::create(array(
    'type' => 'credit',
    'amount' => 100,
    'processing_id' => 'acct_3c0EVDZYsO4lVTVGwoX89'
    'payment_method_id' => 'pm_3bW9JMoQUQiZaEV8TgPUO'
const credit = await pl.Credit.create({
  amount: 100,
  processing_id: 'acct_3c0EVDZYsO4lVTVGwoX89',
  payment_method_id: 'pm_3bW9JMoQUQiZaEV8TgPUO'
var credit = await pl.Credit.CreateAsync(new {
    amount = 100,
    processing_id = "acct_3c0EVDZYsO4lVTVGwoX89",
    payment_method_id = "pm_3bW9JMoQUQiZaEV8TgPUO"

   "type": "credit",

   // id of the payment method you want to send the funds to.
   "payment_method_id": "pm_3bW9JMoQUQiZaEV8TgPUO",

   // id of the account you want to send the funds from.
   "processing_id": "acct_3c0EVDZYsO4lVTVGwoX89",

   // The amount to send.
   "amount": 100.00,

   // Optional
   "receipts": [{
     // The name of the recipient.
     "name": "The Jango Business",

     // The email that will receive the receipt.
     "email": "[email protected]"